Website Design & Development

Our website development process is simple

People today place high importance on a business’s website image. Your website acts as your first impression to that potential customer at your site. Good-looking websites are essential in converting a visitor into a customer leaving you mere seconds to captivate that visitor and turn him into a customer. What does your website say about your company?

If your website is not attractive and easily navigated with relevant information, your visitor may leave and turn to your competitor. The Austin Code Monkey team of professional web designers knows what it takes to communicate and convey information to your customers in a way that is also aesthetically pleasing. A great website can easily mean the difference between a temporary visitor and a loyal client. That is why a professional web page is essential in attracting your target market and inspiring them to take action.

Simple Website Development Pricing

Web Design Focus

We focus our attention on building you a website that works hard for your business and conveys your message for goods and services sold by you. We can overhaul your current website or build one from scratch to create brand awareness and generate more traffic. This allows you to reach into your market space and helps with meeting your sales goals. Our websites make it more affordable to provide services to your clients.

How you may ask?

We are dedicated to designing a website that brings you a higher return on your investment. In addition, we can integrate your Social Media profiles into your design to allow easy access for your customers, and to expand your online presence. We have the skills, knowledge, and technology, with an experienced and talented staff, to produce top-of-line quality websites. We measure the success of our designers against the overall results, and their ability to improve your web image.

We offer web design that is feature-rich:

• Fully Search Engine Optimized websites that work well with search engines
• Dynamic, SEO-ready, Content Management System that is user friendly
• Tested for top quality and performance
• 100% user-friendly: simple to navigate, view and read; relevant
• Custom, consistent and cost-effective design
• Highly functional layout
• Built using proven WordPress technologies
• Simple web hosting with quick downloading times
• Compatible with multiple browsers
• Catchy and eye-pleasing visual appeal
• Interactive online features incorporated
• Well-balanced ‘wow’ effects (3D, Flash) to support your message

Getting Started

We’ll start with an in-person meeting and/or a couple of phone calls to help you understand your options with a free consultation. Then we look at some of the possible templates you might like. When the template is chosen and we both have a sense of the project, we draw up a work order that details the services to be performed.

Only when all that is done will we take the initial payment — usually 50% of the total.

Every project has its own requirements and is different. We strive to meet our clients’ needs, whatever they may be. If our collection of packages and steps doesn’t suit your project, we’ll find something that will.

Website building that represent your company.

The Austin Code Monkey team has built hundreds of website projects throughout the years. The one thing we pride ourselves on is the quality of our work. The solutions we design are graphically stunning and pop when looked at. All of our developed websites are well-architected, easy to use, and built using solid code to the highest web standards. They are also designed to meet the specific business goals and objectives of our clients.

Small Business Website
3 Page Basic Business Website
Home, About, Contact
Unlimited Visitors
2 email accounts
$14.99 a month recurring
Business + Base Social Media
5 Page Business Website
Home, About, Product, Contact, blog
Unlimited Visitors
2 email accounts
$14.99 a month recurring
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