SEO Tips- Correct Image Size for Posts on Google My Business

correct image size for goggle my business post

Correct Image Size for Posts on Google My Business

Have you ever tried to add an image to Google My Business and it never seems that image fits just right. Parts of your image always seem to be cropped out or it shows up with black bars after you adjust your image in with the cropping tool in the post. On top of that Goole does not give you photo dimension in hints as you’re uploading so it’s hard to know the right image size for your post. After extensive trial and error, I have come to the realization that the aspect ratio appears to be in 4:3 is similar to your old computer monitor (800 x 600) or the dimensions of an old analog TV.

2020 Google My Business Post image guidelines

Shown below are our Google My Business Post image sizes guidelines.

Keep in mind that the first number is the width and the second number is the height and all aspect ratio settings are in pixels not in inches at 72DPI. You will always need to center your image subject vertically and horizontally.

  • Image Default Size – 720 x 540
  • Image Maximum Size– 2120 x 1192
  • Image Minimum Size– 480 x 270
  • Image Aspect Ratio – 4:3

Google My Business Posts File sizes and types

  • Image Minimum File Size – 10kb
  • Image Maximum File Size – 5mb
  • Image File Type – JPG, PNG, BMP

Keep in mind that you can upload images with different sizes but Google will resize the image and you may be stuck with your image not showing correctly even if you use the crop tool.
Please keep in mind that the information provided above works as of 2020 but may change we will do our best to update the post if file dimension size change.

Hope this post helps everyone in posting the correct  image size for Google My Business Post


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